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sound and music for moving image


Aut There
Online/TV: NPO 2DOC 04-03-2024
Zouka, in collaboration with Omroep Zwart, presents the documentary "Aut There": the very first Dutch film in which a Dutch-Moroccan woman shares her experience with autism. In "Aut There," Loubna, together with her mother, embarks on an inspiring road trip through France, reflecting on her experiences with autism in high school, friendships, work, and the daily challenges that come with this neurotype.

Production company: Zouka 
Broadcast: Omroep Zwart
Directors:  Loubna Yandouzi & Abdelkarim El-Fassi 
Camera:  Lars Ham 
Sound recording: Olivier Terpstra
Mix: Sam van Eenbergen / Zondergeluid

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