Olivier Terpstra

sound and music for moving image


Olivier Terpstra (b.1993, The Netherlands) is a producer, film composer and sound artist combining the warm and rich sounds of analogue synthesizers with field recordings and other collected sound snippets from his archive. His work seeks to create sensorial spaces where stories can be told and shared with the others.
Working as both an applied composer and autonomous artist his projects can vary from filmscores to installation work and also live performances. Under the alias Oliv Oliv he is sharing his autonomous work that is a blend of electronic techno music and a more classical film scoring approach. Giving it a unique mixture of the two genres.

2021 - 2023 Master of Music Design: HKU Utrecht
2021 AV Sound Education - Composing for moving image
2018 - TV Academy Amsterdam 
2014 - 2019 Bachelor of Arts: Film & TV science (UvA)
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