Olivier Terpstra

sound and music for moving image


To amplify,  to strengthen
01/03/24 - 03/03/24| Exhibition in ‘an other world’ Rotterdam
Over the last few years, several cooking-with-dough gatherings opened up many emotions and urgencies to consider. Personal histories were shared — intimate and complex — from family stories to first-hand experiences to situated common knowledges from the specific regions within the territories that are currently governed by the Russian Federation. The dough allowed space and time to bring out different perspectives, to realign and to focus on the forgotten, erased or unwritten histories. These multifaceted voices are tied together by one common thread: Russian Colonialism, from its imperial history to its effects today.  The aim of this project is to bring together and amplify the spoken words, and thereby to strengthen their significance. The title of the project is a direct translation of a Russian word усилить ‘usilit’’ which can mean both to amplify and to strengthen.

Concept: Vlada Predelina
Sound design/composing: Olivier Terpstra

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