Olivier Terpstra

sound and music for moving image


Niet Mijn Schuld 
Online: NPO 3LAB
In virtually every country in the world, Dutch former students with student debts reside. Out of over 99,000 Dutch former students abroad, 26,000 are untraceable by DUO. The documentary 'Niet Mijn Schuld' portrays two former students abroad: Willemijn (24) and Pascal (35), illustrating the impact of a high student debt and the consequences of a passport blockade. The documentary aims to raise awareness about the psychological and socio-economic consequences of a high student debt and prompt a young audience to rethink taking out a study loan from DUO.

Production company: Klop Media
Broadcast: Omroep Zwart
Producer: Julian Klop
Director: Annick Luijkx
Camera: Patricia Gooijer
Sound design: Olivier Terpstra

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