Olivier Terpstra

sound and music for moving image


Screening: NFF 2023 
Online: NPO 3LAB
A short documentary in which  filmmaker Lisa Hukker and her mother delve into recently opened archives to uncover the NSB (Dutch Nazi Party) past of their (great) grandfather. The emotional journey brings painful truths to light.
During WWII, those who were 'wrong' could sometimes take that (family) secret to the grave. Until now. Monique (56), mother of the documentary maker Lisa Hukker, can finally investigate the precise background of her tainted surname after a change in the law, now that the Central Archive for Special Jurisdiction is open. In this intimate documentary, mother and daughter confront the truth head-on. What do they discover about the NSB past of their (great) grandfather? Will they, as descendants, be judged again for the actions of an ancestor, eighty years later?

Director: Lisa Hukker
Camera: Thom Loohuis
Sound recording: Olivier Terpstra, Bram van Kaauwen & David Warringa

©Olivier Terpstra   www.olivierterpstra.nl