Olivier Terpstra

sound and music for moving image


DGTL Road to CircularityYoutube A hundred percent plant-based and waste-less food court, less than 100 grams waste per visitor, from pee to tea installations (yes, really), and flying in artists with sustainable aviation fuel: we've become the world’s first circular festival. We don’t have to tell you why that is important. But we do want to show you why it is more sustainable to dance with us during DGTL rather than staying home.

Production company: Session One
Producer & directed: Leanne Vink
Excetive producer: Timothy Wormhoudt & Leanne Vink
D.O.P: Nikolai van Nunen
Edit & colorgrade: Walter van Alewijk
Sound recording/sound mix: Olivier Terpstra

©Olivier Terpstra   www.olivierterpstra.nl