Olivier Terpstra

sound and music for moving image


DGTL Accelerate the future of creatives    “Giving room for young talent to grow really contributes to the new society and future. For this short documentary ‘Accelerate the future of creatives’ we sat down with artists, people from the creative industry and ABN AMRO. We talked about how to enter the music & arts industry as upcoming artists, the drive to create, the origins of electronic music, what organisations can do to accelerate growth and their hopes for the future of music and arts. Join us in this journey of different perspectives.

Production Company: Pastrami Film Co.
Director: Dominique Gimberg
D.O.P.: Bart Hoveijn
Producer: Dion Ghijsen
Sound recording: Olivier Terpstra

©Olivier Terpstra   www.olivierterpstra.nl