Nowadays, no map would admit to there being any terra incognita – land unknown. And yet… Across Europe, refugees are placed in depopulating villages, forced to live in an area other people choose to abandon. Though the globe is divided in countries, they fall outside of any country and instead live in terra incognita – land unknown. This experimental and non-narrative documentary film makes viewers feel what it is like to be lost in this unknown; lost in translation, losing someone and something, losing your way, and losing yourself. Through a poetic peek into terra incognita it challenges a public discourse that sees refugees as problems, rather than humans. For a brief moment we – visitors to terra incognita – become part of everyday human life in a world that is largely out of control. The film is part of ethnographic research on how refugees in Italy’s depopulating villages create a sense of home. For more information  

Functies: Sound Design en Mixage