Fluid Frequencies is an audio/visual collective in the performing arts. The collective intends to curate interesting and unique upcoming artists within the field of visuals and electronic music. 

Creating a thematic storyline throughout the event with strong visual elements in combination with music are the core of the collective’s activities. These projects may vary from club nights to expositions, but also are presented online through the collective’s platform. This platform is meant to meet, inspire and connect for both audio and visual artists. In the collective the artist plays a central role. We see social interactions and a collective approach as key elements in the whole artistic process. We strive for a healthy and safe environment with plenty of room for experiment, in which the artists can work towards long term sustainable work relations.  As a collective we do this by creating an environment in which artists can share knowledge, encourage, grow and support each other's artistic vision. Working as a collective we can provide each individual artist with a broad network, facilitate guidance and provide feedback on all collaborations. Since we believe presenting works collectively is easier than for individuals we strive for a fluid line-up where creative minds present in various theme’s.