Today we see the world through screens, but sometimes we forget to listen. It is my ambition to get people to listen to the world around us. In my work I try to capture the most pure and unique sound to work with.I focus on projects with a strong artistic view and social message. 


I started as a movie director and cameraman but slowly moved towards the sound part in film.


Right now I’m working as an independent sound recordist for film/tv/documentary. Besides that I am producing my own music. In this proces I work together with a lot with different artist both musically and visually.

One can say that all of my projects have a strong relationship between image and sound. 


More recently binaural and 360 audio grabbed my attention and this will also be a strong focus point for my artistic works.


Equipment for sound recording:

Zoom F4 (6 channel field recorder)

Sanken CS-M1 supercardiod

Sennheiser ME67 – lobar pattern

2x sennheiser G4 wireless Transmitter

sanken Cos-11 lav

Voice Technologies VT506 lav

Tentacle sync



Open for collaborations & work



Education & degrees: 

TV Academy, Amsterdam

Bachelor of Arts: Film science, UvA, Amsterdam

AV sound education, Utrecht 

Master of Music Design – HKU Utrecht (2023)


Email: info@olivierterpstra.nl

Phone: +31 (6) 38 58 54 39